The cattery have registration by FIFE.




21-22 of September 2019. Our cattery as on he Exhibition by FIFE in Moscow

Our results:

Litter E Vivalavita*RU - BEST LITTER of the both days, BEST LITTER on the special Siberian ring

Castle Corvette Vivalavita*RU, n 22 - Ex1, Best kitten o the special Siberian breed ring & BEST of BREED

Bounty Vivalavita*RU, ny22, 10 months of age  - CACx2, Best female on the special Siberian breed ring (competition 4 adult females 1-6 years of age)

Edalunds Fiona, f 09 22 - CACIBx2, NOM BIS, BIV x2

Nordskjaerets Kupava - CAGCIBx2

Bozhena Vivalavita, ny24, 7 years of age - NOM BIS, Best neutered female on Siberian breed ring

02/05/2019  We received Hello from our beautiful girl Aurora, 5 months of age. Big thank you Inger for pic.

02/05/2019   Hello from Sweden & our girl Wasena. Big thanks to owners for this nice pic

02/05/2019   Hello from our boy Weles from Marocco (around 1 year of age). Big thank you Sophia for your love to our boy

01/05/2019   Hello from our boy Ustin (Edwin +Kupava). Boy lives like pet in Moscow region.

24.01.2019 Our Nutella Vivalavita*RU says Hello from sweden. Thank you dear friend Gullvi for pic with her. Im very happy to see her

20/01/2019 Hello from Canada. Our Vitamin is about 1 year of age, son of Edalunds Fiona. Big thank you to Carole for love & kind to our boy!! He is Fantastic!!! 

03/12/2018 We received Wonderful Hello from France. Our boy Yvar Yahont will celebrate 5 months of age tomorrow & he grow so Beautiful man!! Big thanks to owners for kind & Love!!

30-31/07-2016 in these weekends a Happy time for our Sweet Kupava))
she closed GIC WCF, she received first CACE
7 &3d place WCF ring adult
best female & best of breed of siberian ring
BEST of BEST 2 in every day of the show & Best generale!!

15/05/2016 We are happy to introduce our new proud of our cattery - Faegan Barkhanich Vivalavita*RUm d 09 24. He is a little bit more than 1 year of age & already has 8 place in the overall ranking among the best cats of all breeds by CCA & he is the first SIB now in this ranking)) Big Congratulations to son & his Wonderful owner!! Big thank you for Big work & attention!! 

28/02/2015 Show in Moscow, system WCF & last visit of our males Edwin&Elmer in the class 'junior".

They are was judges by very nice judges Inna Shustrova, Irina Gorinova, Tatyana D'yachuk, Olga Abramova.

Our results:

Edwin Vivalavita*RU - CACJx2, 1st place WCF-ring, NOM BIS, BOS

Elmer Vivalavita*RU - CACJx2, Best junior of siberians breed ring, NOM BIS, BOS

20-21/12/14 Our 5 juniors was on the Main show of the year for every siberian cat - show "Sibirskoe chudo 2014" in Moscow, WCF.


Our results:

Edwin Vivalavita*RU - CACJx2, NOM BISx2, WCF ring kitten - 7place first day, 1st place second day, BIV of juniors of blotched colour, Best junior in the siberian breed ring, Best of Best junior in the second day show & Best Junior by the results of both days!!


Elmer Vivalavita*RU -CACJx2, NOM BISx2, WCF ring kitten - 1st place first day(competition more than 20 cats), 5 place in the second day.


Emerald Vivalavita*RU - 8 place in WCF rinf kitten in the first day of the show.


Darlene Vivalavita*RU - 2place of WCF ring kitten first day, 7 place in the second day.


Dessert for the heart Vivalavita*RU - CACJx2, NOM BIS(breeders choice in the first day, NOM BIS - second day




29-30/11/14 Our juniors was on the show by WCF in Moscow.


Our boy Edwin Vivalavita*RU was became the Best of Best Junior of the second day of the show. Of course he was nominated in both days. & He won 1st & 5th place in WCF ring young.

Elmer Vivalavita*RU won 8 place in WCF-young ring & he became the best junior of the siberian breed ring.

07/04/2014 We are was received some new pics of our beloved son from Litter B (Berry+Barkhan). He will 2 years of age very soon. Thanks a lot to my Dear friends Monica &Synnove for these wonderful pics & for attention& love to Basko <3

29/03/2014 Hello from USA & our very beautiful daughter Calista. Thanks a lot to Dear Karon Hansberger for these nice pics of our girl <3 Calista is 9 months of age on these pics & she was became a Champion by CFA. We are congrats Calista &Karon with a very nice show & we are wish a lot new wins in the future <3

19/02/2014 Hello from Norway :) Casatka says "Hello" to parents home :) She is growing very nice& promising girl. Love you, Honey <3

Casatka says:"Im a rabbit, isnt it?" :)
Casatka says:"Im a rabbit, isnt it?" :)

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