male ADMIRAL PETER ANJOU  Vivalavita*RU, ny24,

from litter A(DOB 23/10/2011)


                                      by FIFE:

Ex.1x2(Junior class),NOM, BIS

  female ANNUSHKA Vivalavita*RU, ny24, from litter A(DOB 23/10/2011)

                                   by FIFE:

2xCAC (Moscow, Russia)

                                   by CCA:

title Champion, 8place of AB ring (Canada)

male BASKO BULAT  Vivalavita*RU, ny24, from litter B (DOB 06/05/2012)

           by FIFE:

20/10/12 - EX1+NOM+BIS (3-6 mnd)

16/02/13 - EX1+BIV T+NOM+BIS, Beste ungdyr og Dommerens, beste Sibir

17/02/13 - EX1+NOM+BIS

23-24/02/13 - 2xCAC

27/04/13- title CH. + 1 vote on BIS

28/04/13 - CACIB

25/05/13 - CACIB + NOM + Clubcat in KAT2 and Clubcat Total 

26/05/13 - ICH FIFE

29-30/06/13 - CAGCIBx2



female  BOZHENA  Vivalavita*RU, ny24, from litter B(DOB 06/05/2012)


                                           by WCF:

Ex.1x2(Junior class), NOM BIS, 2d best junior

Ex.1x2(Junior class), NOM BISx2, best in veriety of the special show for golden&silver colours, 7th place in special breed show

CACx2(adult class),NOM BIS

21-22.12.13 CAC,CACIB, NOM BIS

                                           by FIFE:

Champion FIFE +1 CACIB

7-8.12.13 CACIBx2

02-03/03/2014 CACIBx2 (closed ICH FIFE)

female  CALISTA  Vivalavita*RU,ny24, from litter C (DOB 02/06/2013)


                                           CFA (USA) :

09-10.11.2013   3rd Best siberian kitten from both days (she was the youngest siberian & competition 5 kittens)


08-08/03/2014 the title Champion


male Edwin Vivalavita*RU, n22,

from litter E(DOB 08/05/14)


WCF system:

29-30/11/14 CACJx2, NOM BISx2, 1st&5places of WCF ring young, Best of Best Junior of the second day of the show


20-21/12/14 CACJx2, NOM BISx2, WCF ring kitten - 7place first day, 1st place second day, BIV of juniors of blotched colour, Best junior male (breeders choice),  Best junior in the siberian breed ring, Best of Best junior in the second day show & Best Junior by the results of both days!!

10-11/01/15 CACJx2, NOM BIS, 7 place WCF ring young (competition 35 cats)

28/02/15 CACJx2, 1st place WCF ring young(competition more than 20 youngsters), NOM BIS, BOS

male Elmer Vivalavita*RU, n 09 24,

from litter E(DOB 08/05/14)


WCF system:

29-30/11/14 CACJx2, 8 place of WCF ring, Best junior of breed ring

20-21/12/14 CACJx2, NOM BIS, 1 &5th place of WCF ring

28/02/15 CACJx2, NOM BIS, BOS, Best junior on thr siberian breed ring

male Faegan Barkhanich Vivalavita*RU, d 0924 from litter F


This male in his only one year of age already have 8th place in the overall ranking of the best cats of different breeds in CCA & 1st siberian cat.


We are very proud of his results!!

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